Welcome to the official website of New-Zealand-based comedy fiction author Duncan P. Pacey. Thanks for stopping by! Here you’ll find everything you could look for in my eclectic, often silly work, from my novel right the way through animation, popping out the other side in professional content marketing.


What am I about?

I’m a comedy fiction author operating out of Auckland, New Zealand. While some may know me as the tall bloke who sometimes wears a beanie, I’m best known for producing post-apocalyptic comedy.

You’ll find more about the world after the end of the world by checking out my Post-apocalyptic fiction page. Read about my novel, “Smack-dab, in the Middle of Nowhere,” peruse some free digital short stories, or read through the fictional newspaper “The Crumble Bulletin.”

Unless, of course, you’re here for Mr Slug (and why wouldn’t you be?). Find out the history behind this culture-smashing animated web-cartoon by visiting the page here on my website.

Professional marketing and advice

My skills are also available for hire to both businesses and individuals. As you’ll read on my For businesses page, I have experience creating SEO-driven creative content for blogs, social and email campaigns.

As a writer marketing work in New Zealand and the globe,  I’m well-versed in what it takes not just to actually finish a damn book (which is hard enough,  I know), but to put it out there and start helping other people find it. I offer free advice for new writers, so get in touch with me today.